Shield for Business 

keeps everyone safe and your business going

Shield for Business is helping organizations confront and contain the COVID effects by protecting staff, guests, and customers

and breaking chains of infections within minutes.

Protect the business

   Protect people

Comply with regulations

Secured Privacy


Designed to protect workplace communities 

by endorsing shared responsibility across all fronts


Through capacity control, distancing and disinfection


Through self reporting, and proximity analytics 


Through quarantine management  

We are part of Israel's success  story. 

See SHIELD in action

Response time is critical, and Shield delivers the edge you need.

The faster you know, 

the quicker you can protect 

your co-worker, your business and your loved ones

Glass Buildings

How can Shield help your organization?

Break the chain of infection 

within minutes rather than days

  • Quickly and effectively trace proximity events and start quarantine

  • Get 1st and 2nd degree exposure analytics within minutes

  • Boost compliance with local and corporate regulations

  • Identify indoor areas requiring closure or disinfection

  • Receive density indications and alerts

  • Communicate & educate

Easy to deploy and simple to use

Deploy Fast

Shield is delivered in a SaaS model and is hosted on multiple clouds. Project rollout can be completed with 2-3 weeks.

On premises implementation is offered to large enterprises and governmental bodies.

Solution for staff

With a private labeled app for your staff that works in the background and records all proximity events on the personal device.

The app handles health statement and delivers capacity control features and social distancing alerts.  

Solution for visitors

Customers, guests, suppliers and other type of visitors can check-in by using a web-based application through QR, NFC or SMS links.

Companies may require visitors  for to check into various locations within the facilities in order to document their "trail" for later proximity analytics.


Discreetly Manage and Monitor 

Provide health coordinators with an effective management dashboard for discreet process monitoring and control. 

Helping business continuity

The Shield for Business is taking part in the program of the Manufacturer's Association of Israel for providing a basket of tools & services to assist manufacturers in overcoming the challenges during COVID.

(see link to Hebrew web page)

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