Frequently asked questions

We have collected here the common questions and answers which we come across everyday.  

Whay do i need it?

Our new reality with the coronavirus is dynamic and evolving. We need to protect ourselves and our co-workers to ensure a safe working environment that allows business continuity.

Shield for Business, the first app of its kind, helps us create a safe and secure workplace environment during this ‘New Normal’ era. The app allows us to protect our health and the health of our co-workers by reducing potential exposure to the virus within our workplace communities. The app promotes self and mutual responsibility while safeguarding the privacy of each employee.

How does it work?

Once you have installed and activated the app, it creates a timeline of proximity and location data. Your information is stored solely on your mobile device and no one else can access it. Similarly, your co-workers who have installed the app, have their proximity and location timeline on their devices, and only there. If one of your colleagues has contracted Covid-19, he or she can voluntarily and anonymously share their proximity timeline. The app will crosscheck their information with timelines of other employees and will alert you, or any of your co-workers, in case of exposure.

The app uses advanced technology allowing it to detect micro-locations with, particularly high resolution. Micro-locations refer to specific spots inside and outside buildings which may represent a higher risk for indirect exposure, such as meeting rooms and cafeteria. The app indicates to your facility manager which specific workspaces require disinfection and enhances safety for company employees and guests. The indication to the facility manager is completely anonymous.

For example, if you had lunch in the cafeteria yesterday and a colleague sitting nearby tested positive the next day, you will be notified within minutes of the system update by your colleague. You will be able to immediately take relevant measures to avoid infecting co-workers and loved ones. The notification will indicate exposure time and location and will include further instructions as per your organization policy. No information about the individual to whom you were exposed will be disclosed.

Where does the app work?

The app is configured to work only within your company’s designated premises. If you and a co-worker have lunch outside the premises, and your co-worker is later confirmed as Covid-19 positive, you will not be notified of exposure during lunchtime.

Why is this app important?

We are in this together. We need tools to help us protect ourselves, our workplace community, and our business. Shield for Business enables us to respond immediately in the unfortunate event of a confirmed Covid-19 case in our workplace community. By using Shield for Business, we can break the chain of infection faster and with higher precision, protecting everyone's health and keeping our business open in these challenging times.

The app updates you and your co-workers within minutes in case of exposure to a confirmed positive case in the workplace. This way we make sure that anyone who needs to go into quarantine can isolate themselves immediately, protecting co-workers and family members, and ensuring a safe work environment.

What about privacy?

It is important to know: The app protects your health as well as your privacy. The only information needed for protecting you and your co-workers is your proximity timeline within the workplace. This information is stored solely on your device and is always secured and anonymous. Furthermore, your timeline information is stored for only 21 days and then deleted.

No one has access to any of your location data in or around the workplace. If you test positive for Covid-19, you have the option to voluntarily share your historical timeline so Shield for Business can process it internally and notify co-workers who may have been exposed to you and may need to quarantine themselves.

Although Shield for Business does not require any personal information, organizations may set the application to require a name and phone number during the initial installation. This information is used for process administration and compliance with some governmental requirements, such as daily health statements. Under no circumstances your information will ever be used in correlation with your timeline. For more information, please refer to the Privacy Policy within the app.

How effective is Shield for Business?

The more people in your organization download and use the app, the more effective it will be, and the better it will serve you in keeping a safe environment. This is mutual responsibility in action!

Shield for Business helps in taking preventive measures as well as responsive measures much earlier than standard epidemiological inquiries. For example, a person showing early symptoms may consult with his or her manager who may wish to alert co-workers for preventive quarantine. Such a measure can break the chain of infection much faster than any other process.

Is downloading the app mandatory?

Organizations may have diffrent policies regarding this issue, however in most case dowloading the app is not mandatory and employees can choose whether to take part in the collective effort using the app, or not.

Keeping our workplace safe and our co-workers healthy is important for each one of us. It is vital for the resilience of your company as well as for the economic future of every company employee. If you choose to download the app, you take us all one step forward in preventing the spread of the pandemic and reducing its negative impact.

What about guests who come to the workplace?

Shield for Business provides a solution for exposure analysis among employees and visitors to your workplace (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.). By scanning a QR code or using a URL, visitors receive a link to a web application that allows them to check-in and fill out a health statement as required.

Visitors who access more than one location in your workplace may be asked to repeat the check-in process in meeting rooms, warehouses, and other critical spots. Shield for Business saves the visitor timeline for 21 days, and can notify them in the event of exposure to Covid-19 in our workplace. This way, guests stay protected in your facilities and can also maintain high safety standards and help protect others.