Shield is for any business

The Shield app offers various industry vertical the ability to maintain operational and business continuity, while keeping a watchful eye on employees, customers and visitors alike.

COVID-19 effects everyone in the same way, yet Shield is adjusted to the slightly different needs of each industry.  

Shield for manufacturing.jpg

Industry, production and manufacturing 

Manage the entire COVID-19 related efforts with a single solution. Collect health statements from employees and visitors and comply with social capacity regulations.

Perform contact tracing, exposures notifications and quarantine processes within minutes and with maximum accuracy. 

Identify locations on campus where potential infections took place and direct disinfection cleaning staff to the spots in order to reduce further indirect exposures. 

Manage your compliance and protection levels with real time notifications and KPI's.

Endorse workplace community collaboration by sharing information with labor representatives via an online dashboard.

Shield retail.png

Retail chains, shopping centers & Venues

Protect your staff and customers by using an integrated solution for everyone in your stores or venues.  Offer your customers a fast & easy way to on-board, using a QR code or NFC tag while offering your staff an application that can protect them in the background. 


Turn your stores to a "safe zone" and provide customers the comfort they need with real time notifications upon potential exposures in your premises. 


Offer customers micro location based incentives and promotions over the same platform.

Shield schools.png

Universities and schools

Simplify daily Health Declaration and campus entry routines. Trace contacts of infected students/faculty/employees with other people as early as possible.


Identify locations on campus where potential infections took place and direct disinfection cleaning staff to the site in order to reduce further indirect exposures. 

Share information via an online dashboard, to promote transparency and collaboration in combating COVID together.

Shiled for assitad lieving.png

Elderly and assisted living communities

Enable both residents & staff as well as visitors to be on the same platform, helping to protect each other. 


Receive real time notifications of contaminated areas and high density (‘crowded’) areas, for either closure or disinfection

Maintain transparency of information for collaboration of entire residential community and their families.